why the name change?

As many of you know and some of you don't, we were forced via a Cease and Desist Demand from the Woodstock folks to stop using the Beaverstock name for our annual music and arts festival. And you may or may not know that the original event in 2013 was started as Castoro Cellars 30th anniversary party. It was originally meant to be a one-time gig, but it was so much fun that we decided to make it an annual event. It gets better and better every year, and being able to give back to our community through the festival is something we are very grateful for!
We came up with the Beaverstock name using my father’s ‘Beaver’ nickname, so we were of course emotionally tied to it. Once we did decide to change though, it became sort of exciting to come up with a name for the event that its become, the festival that its grown into.
So we invite you to join us as we honor forever the loss of the Beaverstock name, and as we celebrate its evolution to WHALE ROCK MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL. We feel this new name is a natural fit, as the event is actually held on our beloved Whale Rock Vineyard. As with any change, it will take some getting used to and we kindly ask for your support through this process and help in getting the word out!
You can rest assured that the only thing we’re changing is the name! We’ll still have back-to-back band performances on two stages, a gallery of local artists, all-ages yoga, kid crafts and games, Castoro wines, craft beers, hard ciders, food trucks, and more. And we will continue to support local charitable organizations with a portion of proceeds. The 2017 WHALE ROCK MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL is going to be a dam fine time!