Bridget LAw “Artist AT large”

We are very excited to announce the addition of Bridget Law as our 2019 Artist at Large! Bridget’s career in music is vast and accomplished, most notably at a core member of the group Elephant Revival.


Bridget Law: Artist at Large 

Music is transformative. We come out in droves to hear, to see, to feel its power swirl around and lift us in an embrace that is familiar and intimate and yet knows no name. A live performance sparks a creation to which we all contribute, and when Bridget Law steps onto a stage, she nestles into the heart of this communion and drives it to places that had not previously existed. She leads from the center, bringing each and every one of us along for a ride that caresses our emotions, lightens our breath, and draws us together in musical delight. This connection is a dream, of course, a dream we share and nurture, a dream we all get to live.

As a violinist, vocalist, and songwriter for the incomparable Elephant Revival, Bridget and her friends have crafted music that makes a person want to be in love for a long, long time. Musicality begins with the ears, and Bridget’s astute connection to each song’s essence allows the music to flourish to its full potential. She’s not a soloist who stands apart from the group, rather she builds from within while encouraging each player to join her on an adventure of musical exploration. When she soars, she does so with artist and audience by her side. She’s a musician we take our daughters to see and show them this is what women can do. She’s a musician we take our sons to see and show them this is what women can do. She plays with an attentiveness to everyone around her, speaking and listening to them while an otherworldly smile curls her lips and forms a whisper that says ‘yes, we’re doing this, we’re all making this happen.’ She puts everything she has into her art, and her strength resonates from that which she receives in return. As the audience, we’re a part of it. We all get to share it.

If we were just throwing a party, if that’s all Whale Rock was, then it wouldn’t be worth it; we simply wouldn’t do it. What makes this festival precious is that we all contribute to an experience that celebrates the warmth, welcoming nature of where we live and who we are. We are best when we gather up new people and add their magic to our simmering cauldron of whimsical wonder. On September 14th & 15th, we get to welcome in Bridget Law not only to Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival but to the Central Coast and all the love we have to offer. We get to spend two days dreaming together and then carry those dreams on the path that stretches before us. We get to be our best selves. Until that time, we stand here with open ears, hearts, and arms, counting down the days.