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Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival | Formerly "Beaverstock" | September 14-15 2019

Founded by a couple of Paso Robles winemaking pioneers, Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival organically came about by way of Niels and Bimmer Udsen’s longtime commitment to supporting the arts and their local community.

The Udsens established Castoro Cellars in 1983, and together with sons Luke and Max and daughter in law Lauren, threw a rockin’ 30th anniversary party they called Beaverstock in 2013. The event was such a hit that they decided to make it an annual gig, and have been at it ever since. Growing considerably over its first four years, Beaverstock attendance hit a record 4,000 in 2016.


The family changed the name of the festival in 2017, courtesy of the Woodstock folks and their attorneys taking issue with the Beaverstock moniker. Whale Rock Music & Arts Festival was their natural choice, as the event takes place in the Udsen’s Whale Rock Vineyard. No matter the name, the spirit, format, and soul of the original event lives on.

Proceeds from the inaugural fest were donated to MUST! Charities, a local non-profit that supports under privileged children in the local community. The family has continued that benevolent tradition each year, donating proceeds to both the Templeton Education Foundation and the Templeton High School Band. The Udsens are proud to say that contributions to date total more than $70,000!



Niels & Bimmer Udsen - Owners

A couple of the original Paso Robles winemaking pioneers, Niels and Bimmer have woven themselves into the fabric of this local community that they love and continually support. They are the true essence of the Whale Rock spirit! Look for them on the dance floor or enjoying good times with friends and family under one of our old growth oak trees.

Sponsorhip inquiries may be sent to niels@castorocellars.com



Ali Bowman - Event Coordinator

The glue that holds it all together, the person who makes sure everything is where it should be when it needs to be there, Ali has been our primary coordinator since the beginning. The years of festival experience she brings to our team are priceless, we couldn’t be luckier. Contact Ali at bowmanevent@gmail.com





Luke Udsen - Talent Booking, Promotion, Vibe

Growing up in the winery instilled a deep passion in Luke for Castoro Cellars and the winery’s commitment to community. He followed his lifelong love of music after graduating from Templeton High School, and went on to achieve a degree in Music Industry & Technology from CSU Chico. Being able to coordinate, scout and book the talent for Whale Rock is a dream come true

For music and booking inquiries Luke can be reached at luke@castorocellars.com




Max Udsen - Logistics, Vision, Vibe

If there has ever been a person that fully embodies the festival culture, it would be Max! His passion and desire to make every moment special and unique makes us incredibly grateful to have Max in our family and on our team. From woodworking to festival layout, his contribution can be felt and seen pretty much everywhere.

If you'd like to get involved with the build Max can be reached at maxudsen@gmail.com




Lauren Udsen - Yoga, Art, Crafts, Vibe

A lovely addition to our family, Lauren has brought an undeniably special experience to both Castoro Cellars and Whale Rock Music Festival. A certified Yogini, she has taught Yoga all over the Central Coast and presents year-round wellness events at Castoro. In addition to offering a variety of classes at Whale Rock, Lauren also searches out artists from all over SLO County who will fit and thrive at the festival. If you are an artist who would like to participate, or if you know one who might, contact Lauren at loloharv@comcast.net.




Kyle Wommack - Logistics, Volunteer Whisperer


A crucial piece of the Whale Rock puzzle, Kyle has been with us since the beginning. Amongst her many other roles, she coordinates and oversees our festival volunteer program. Without and army of volunteers there would be no Whale Rock, and without Kyle there wouldn’t be such an amazing and organized group of happy helpers! If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, you can sign up here or email Kyle at kylebealwommack@gmail.com





Mike O'Connell - Technical Production Manager

With decades of experience in sound, stage management and technical production, we couldn't be more fortunate to have Mike on our team. Mike brings a passion and knowledge base to the table that is simply priceless. 

Attention to detail runs through Mike's veins and never will there be a stone left unturned in the pursuit of the perfect experience. 

To contact Mike regarding technical information you can reach him at techprospec@gmail.com






Charlie Kleeman - Stage Manager

Another seasoned veteran, Charlie brings one of the most important things to the table...experience! Having worked with Live Oak Music Festival and being a musician himself Charlie knows how to walk the line between creativity and punctuality. His organization keeps us on time and keeps the festival experience top notch for the artists and the attendees. 

For technical stage inquiries Charlie can be reached at chazkleemann@gmail.com


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