2019 Yoga Schedule:


  • 12:30 - 1:15 PM: JEN LOVAS ~ HARMONY FLOW

  • 1:30 - 2:15 PM: BRITTNI SOO ~ THE FLOW


  • 3:30-4:15 PM: KJ JONES ~ FESTY FLOW





  • 1:30 - 2:15 PM VANESSA ORR ~ KIDS YOGA


  • 3:45 - 4:45 PM TREVOR DIETERLE ~ ACRO YOGA 101




Yoga Instructors

Bridget Salisbury ; When we connect the breath with movement and slow down the mind we create a space within ourselves to grow. As a teacher I thrive to cultivate an awareness of the psychosomatic connection, while strengthening the muscles, and improving the alignment and overall health of our bodies.

“Kids Bliss Yoga” Join Bridget for all levels kids yoga!


Lauren Udsen is honored to share space in raising of our collective consciousness through yoga. Interweaving creative & therapeutic movements in her classes, she invites you to breathe, let go & play!

“Freedom Flow” A funky, festive flow giving you the roots to fly!

“Golden Glow Flow”

Elena-Ray-2974 (1) - Liz Crosby Yoga.jpg

Liz Crosby Passionately in love with surfing from a young age, Liz channeled her love for barrel riding into a blissful practice of being. Alchemically surfing the elements into ever expansive states in 3D to send cosmic energy through the central tube ride, the sushumna channel. This surfing truly benefits all beings.

“Trusting Gravity: Acro Yoga Jam”

Lauren Shannon is a Holistic Health Practitioner on the Central Coast. 
She provides Nutritional Counseling, Personal Training, Retreats and Classes with the support of her background as a Wellness Therapist,  Western Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Pilates teacher. 
You can find Lauren rooted in the North County yoga+wellness mindset on instagram @laurenshannonwellness

“Let the Good Times Flow”

CBB5ACFC-D210-4DFE-911B-F831ED3D9FCD - karlie higginbotham.jpeg

Karlie Higginbotham started a consistent yoga practice in 2009. After 400hrs of professional training her sequencing style integrates creative asana transitions, breath work, and alignment based cues encouraging students to safely advance their personal practice. Her intention is to achieve movement in each anatomical plane and create balance with our modern daily activities. Each class offers an opportunity to eradicate stagnant energy, build strength, and detoxify.

“Detox Yoga Flow”

0D61F406-1351-4951-A068-A661C989490D - Jennifer Lovas.jpeg

Jennifer Lovas My name is Jennifer Lovas, or J.Lo most people like to say and I am a Central Coast, CA based yoga teacher. Its an honor and blessing to share my passion of yoga in this special setting and to guide you through a dynamic and fun experience at WhaleRock. Much love and light to you all.

“Harmony Flow”

Chandra_lululemon headshot 2018 copy - hiphop yogini.jpg

Chandra Janae Hardester is a certified personal trainer, yoga, and fitness educator, with a passion for movement, and the life changing effects that come with it. After a career ending injury took her away from the life she knew as a professional ballerina, yoga brought her the clarity and pain-free body she needed to return full time to her greatest love; inspiring movement in others. She founded the OMie Crew Nation in 2019 to bring continuing education to yoga and fitness leaders in an instant, with the number one goal of leveraging the individuality of each unique teacher to keep students engaged and excited to move for years to come!

“Mandala Meltdown”

Vanessa Tree Pose - Yaya Yoga ca.jpg

Vanessa Orr is Executive Director and instructor of Yaya Yoga ca . She has dedicated herself to the nurturing development of kids and families through yoga and mindfulness practices.  As a public elementary school teacher for seven years, she has combined her skills and expertise from the classroom with her Adult and Kids Yoga certifications to create her classes.

“Kids Yoga: 9 & Under”

kj jones.JPG

KJ Jones teaches yoga in San Luis Obispo. She's passionate about teaching yoga to all levels and believes if you are willing to move and breathe; you are able to practice yoga.

She can't wait to guide you through a “Festi Flow”!


Brittni Soo Brittni is the owner of the Yoga Standard, Momma, and overall lover of life! Her classes are creative, goofy and heartfelt and accessible to all levels! Get into the flow of the weekend with the mindset of playfulness and balance. Expect fun transitions, positive vibes and an opportunity to practice getting upside down with a little help from a partner. Whale Rock is my Disneyland! Live music + Central Coast Community + Yoga are my most favorite things in life! (I even cancelled our family houseboat trip to make sure I can be there)

“The Flow”

headshot - Trevor Dieterle.jpg

Trevor Dieterle has been sharing AcroYoga with the central coast since 2013 and is stoked to bring it to Whale Rock!

Trevor has been teaching yoga on the central coast for more than 8 years. He is currently studying kinesiology at CSU Monterey Bay, and enjoys exploring the outdoors in his free time.

“Strength To Be Still - a moving meditation focused on breath and alignment”

Learn about the practice of AcroYoga and all that it has to offer in this fun and safe introductory class.

“Acro Yoga 101”


Claire Jacobs has a deep appreciation for both the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Combining strength, alignment, and fluidity, her classes aim to cultivate respect for the body and stillness of the mind. She teaches and resides in sunny Santa Barbara. 

"Blissful Balance" - This vinyasa flow class will focus on breath and stability, leaving you feeling balanced and refreshed.

“Blissful Balance”

co-lab artists


Lori Sortino is a freelance photographer who enjoys exploring new mediums for artistic expression.  She received a BS in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly and most recently is releasing a series of paintings based on "painting with your muse."  Each painting is of a woman's face and explores another aspect of being.  Lori's photographic work just expanded to include images of wild mustangs and she is also releasing new images on a regular basis from that series.  Lori was born and raised in Goleta/Santa Barbara and currently lives in Paso Robles with her husband Thomas and cat Daphne.  She has lived in many parts of SLO county and has also lived in Ventura county.  http://www.essencecaptured.com

Kat Tompkin Headshot 2.jpg

Kat Tompkin is an adventurous and joyful illustrator based in San Luis Obispo. Her style utilizes bold line work, rich colors and evocative narratives. Amongst themes of female imagery, flora and fauna, intricate details bring her pieces to life. In addition to enjoying graphic and traditional illustration; she paints, laser etches wood, and hand-letters products and signs. Her desire to experience deeply and live vibrantly drives her art and endeavors. At the end of the day, ice cream makes her soul happy. And plants. Can’t forget the plants :) www.kattompkin.com | IG: @kattompkin

IMG_9591 - taylor brooks.jpg

Taylor Brooks makes one of a kind drawings of live bands. You'll find him out among the crowd scribbling with style. See the artistic process unfold before your eyes and pick up a fully colored print of bands from years past at Whale Rock Music Festival!

DebLysek - Deborah Lyszczek.jpeg

Deb Lysek is a local artist, living and working in Templeton. Silk is her canvas. All of her pieces are original designs, hand painted on silk using silk dyes. In addition to framed pieces of silk painted art, she creates unique hand painted silk scarves and elegant wearable art.

Sadie Rogers is a visual artist and creative entrepreneur based in San Luis Obispo, California. A “Jane-of-all-trades,” Sadie’s modalities include handlettering, watercolor, graphic design and mixed media, which she uses to cover surfaces for clients across California, to teach private classes, and to build her product line of prints, apparel and goods. Sadie’s work is driven by a passion for the natural world, radical self-acceptance, girl power, wabi-sabi...and a healthy dose of sarcasm and playfulness - all with an abstract, raw and unfinished flair. Inspirations include Shepard Fairey, Jackson Pollock, Banksy, Gemma O’Brien, Lisa Congdon, and any artist with a gripping bio, quirky personality and unconventional approach. Sadie’s magic comes to life with the help of her witty daughter Brooklin, her two fur children Roody and Buddy, hugs and coffee - lots of it. 


IMG_1870 - Paula DeLay.JPG

Paula DeLay is a contemporary impressionist, who paints primarily outdoors. Her award-winning work has been featured in numerous juried shows and can be seen at Open Canvas Gallery, www.ocgalleryslo.com, and at www.pdelay.faso.com

Photo for WRMF19 - andrew wilkie.png

Andrew Wilkie has made his home in Morro Bay for the past 22 years. His deep love of coffee (developed while living in Costa Rica) found its natural expression in his art. Having developed a method to use the roasted and ground bean as his medium, Andrew produces various, stunning images, enhanced with texture.

IMG_1625 - Ryan Sauter.jpg

Ryan Sauter is a life concept artist that enjoys making visual storyboards to describe some of the deeper and abstract concepts in life. He also really likes anatomy and showing the anatomy of the body in an artful way.


Chris Pedersen grew up on the Central Coast of California.  He explored his beautiful surroundings and discovered his drawing talent and creative imagination.

His art career started with a concentration of illustration and graphic design.  Currently Chris is making fine canvas oil paintings.  Chris has maintained the youthful fantasy aspect of possibility.  This dreamy realm fuels concepts which start as sketches and result in handsome well crafted paintings.  “Every time you go surfing it’s a new experience.”  He compares this to his artwork, “When you sit down to draw or create something, you never know what’s going to happen.” http://foreverstoked.com/


Charlie Clingman was raised in spacious rural settings which had animals to play with and horses to ride.  This planted the seed for his future exploration and appreciation of nature.  He finds that 20 years of international surfing experience has not only been a great thrill and good exercise but a fine way to observe the water and surrounding landscapes.  He seeks to have his paintings represent the beauty and action he encounters.  Charlie holds a passion for natural dynamics.  He feels that studying from life (plein air/painting outdoors) is essential.  http://foreverstoked.com/


Lin Mercer is the daughter of loving free spirited parents/entertainers from the Vaudeville Era, and surrounded by a loving sweetheart husband, dog, Daisy, and 2 cats, Magic and Scribbles, a brother, sister, and cousins, niece and nephew, grandchildren, who all have artistic and musical talents they share with the world now. Wow, you can see how easy it is for her to have love for the arts, music and entertainment industry!


IMG_0008 - Barry Lundgren.jpg

Barry Lundgren has been woodturning for over 25 years. His inspiration comes from the wood itself. Every piece is different in color, texture, scent, and character. Regardless of the shape or the wood, his goal is to make them all pleasing to the eye and touch.


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